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Monday, March 13, 2017

Leonard Cohen: out on a Limb ...

  • SPRING 2017



    by Ann Diamond


    I knew parts of him. Death seemed to unify the parts and bring them closer. It was like being back at Zero, where birth and death are one. Or like the shock of meeting. In fact I owe my life to Leonard Cohen. That is a fact he never mentioned, as it would have been too traumatic, but it ran in the background of our friendship even through the years when we were no longer on speaking terms. Like many things that are true, it can probably never be proven, but it seems appropriate to mention it here. That plus the fact that I will miss him, although these days he's hard to miss, being everywhere. He was like no one else, and now that he's gone, there is even less chance that he can be replaced. Let alone captured. 


Ann Diamond said...

Here it is, May 13 - and still no new edition of Leonard Cohen: The Man Next Door, under its new title "Out on a Limb."

People have been asking. Here is the short answer:

It's not for lack of effort. I've been working steadily on a Conclusion, which kept eluding me until a day or two ago. Now I think I have it in me to wrap this book up - I even had a dream yesterday morning that I finished it, and was given a publication date of September 30, 2017. That's several months away.

The more I think about it, the more realistic that seems.

There is more I might add, soon, in a blog post: because something did happen to slow me down recently, that might be worth sharing as I am still mulling it over.

Ann Diamond said...

Meanwhile, thank you for your interest -- and Happy Spring from the Woman Next Door.